30 Characters in 30 Days Challenge!

Everyone knows that November is National Novel Writing Month, but what is there to do for comics in November?

Introducing the 3rd Annual “30 Characters Challenge”! 

Your mission (should you choose to accept it) is to create 30 brand new characters, in 30 days- one for every day in the month of November- and then share these new creations with the world right here on this very site. [from their FAQ]

The challenge is for artists and writers, and you can create any kind of characters— superheroes, slice-of-life, fantasy, sci-fi, mystery, whatever you want!

There are already a few women signed up, but I know there are plenty of women with character ideas brewing in their heads.  Why not join the challenge?  I’m looking forward to see all the characters that ladies come up with, and any projects that come from these characters!

Anyone else up for the challenge? I’m going to take a stab at it again this year.

Totes giving this a go!

Absolutely going to try.

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    I might end up doing this in december for the heck of it c:
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    Tempted to start doing this on my own to spur development of OC ideas that have been festering in my head for nearly a...
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    This is like half over but hey whatever.
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    Doing this on december. Skipping Christmas
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    Bit of catching up to do, so here’s three connected characters in 1 hit: #2: Captain Char’re We’ll begin with Char’re...
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    I am gonna try and do this ahhhh!
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    omg doing this i don’t care if i’m late *__*
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    something that might motivate me to draw yay
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    WANT DO. It’s not the first of November but… man, this sounds so fun and way up my alley!
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    I AM DOING THIS BY THE WAY! haven’t fleshed out the nov 1st character, but nov 2nd is good to go ;D YOU SHOULD ALL TRY...
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    Absolutely going to try.
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    ……i didnt know i had to register…..i was just kinda….doing it…….oh well, time to continue
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    oops i have like no ocs IM DOING THIS
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    didnt find out about this till yesterday and registration is like hella over but i kinda wanna!!!
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    I’m too lazy to register on the site, but am doing it anyway. My scanner’s being a pain but when I fix it I’ll start...
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    this is probably late but i’m still gonna do this, it might cure my art block! :D plus i need more original characters....
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    I might just do it, a little late for the first day but, I might just do this…
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    Cus we know I always finish these….*sob*
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