To the anon who submitted that AkuRoku was pedophilia.


I deleted your message before realizing that I do, in fact, feel like ranting about how wrong your statement is.

So here goes.



First off, do you even know what pedophilia means? 

“As a medical diagnosis, pedophilia (or paedophilia) is defined as a psychiatric disorder in adults or late adolescents (persons age 16 or older) typically characterized by a primary or exclusive sexual interest in children.”

A sexual interest in children. First of all, Roxas is not a child. If we are to follow the canon of Sora, he is 15-16. A teenager, not a child, if we here define a child as prepubescent or being 12 and younger. 

Secondly, Axel’s age is never defined. He could be 32, or he could be 19. He could be 25. What the fuck does it matter, seeing as in the games it’s never stated? Meaning that once again, your argument is flawed. 

The child must be at least five years younger than the elder to be termed pedophilia.”

So even if pedophilia did extend to all minors, it’s feasible that Axel is 20. There is no solid proof that he isn’t. Therefore labeling him as a pedophile is, once again, not valid. 

If anything, he is an ephebophile, which is an adult with a sexual preference for mid to late adolescents, or adolescents around the ages of 15-19. So now, your argument is certainly invalid. 

But notice, anon, that Axel shows little to no sexual interest toward Xion or Naminé or Sora or Riku, all who fall within the parameters of 15-19. The closest he gets to any of those is his line “You make me feel the same” to Sora in reference to his earlier line of “He [Roxas] made me feel like I had a heart.” But even this is simply Axel stating that “I miss Roxas and you remind me of him, so I like being around you.” And the only person (other than Roxas) that there is ANY sort of romantic inclination toward for Axel is Larxene, someone who is obviously not 15, or 16, but around Axel’s own age. So it isn’t that he’s targeting minors, it’s that he cares for Roxas, and Roxas just so happens to be a minor. In fact, Axel frequently laments the fact that Roxas “doesn’t understand” things that are going on, and hates Roxas’s naïveté about most things with a passion. Meaning that Roxas’s youth is a bane, if anything, and not a boon. 

Also, for the record, as any male who has been 16 will tell you, at 16 you’re about as sexually driven as you will ever be. It isn’t like Axel is 25 and having sexual relations with an 11 year old or a 12 year old - Roxas is sexually mature enough to know what he wants and what he’s doing. Along with the fact that this is fictional and no one is actually supporting real life relationships with minors here, it makes for a great big dose of no one giving a fuck if you wrongly think it’s pedophilia or not. 

I am so tired of hearing the pedophile argument. Learn what a word means before you apply it. And don’t diss on other people’s ships. If you want to ship Roxas/Naminé or Roxas/Xion, then kindly do it and leave AkuRoku the fuck alone. 

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