because while i throw up my heart
and spit out my soul
there are people outside the door
waiting to see me and what i have done
they’re there to give me a new hope
to see that i am fine
they live kilometres away
but they show me how to live
they give me fun and love
they show me a good time
and help how to live

i can never forget them and the amount they care

because all my friends are mine, no, i will not share
because they are beautiful and talented and made of heart
they are made of dreams and hope
and even when i say go away
they come closer despite the distance between our bodies
they worm in and take away my doubt with words of love
they show me everything i can’t see
and i wish i could show them the love
i possess for them
they are the best things to have ever been mine
and i will never share them
because they are mine and  
I love them all greatly
so much more than myself. 

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